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So you have never bought a sign before and don’t know where to start. We make the sign buying process easy and straightforward. 

Sign Buying Process:

One of our Sign Specialists will meet you at your place of business to discuss your project. During this conversation, we will try and gather as MUCH information we can about your project.

Before our meeting, we encourage you to take a look at some different types of signage on both our interior signs and exterior signs products pages. Also we STRONGLY encourage our sales staff to try and get a gauge of your budget.

Getting a good idea of your expected expenditure on your signage will save you time wasted through multiple designs and quotes that aren’t in the ballpark of your budget.

This is where all the fun starts!

Our Sign Specialists will hand off your requests to our design department. While our designers have decades of experience and love to make recommendations along the way, they also LOVE to get as much information as they can before beginning your project.

If you have any specific requests please let us know up front (colors you like/hate, fonts you love, signs you have seen and like). If you have a logo, we will need that in order to begin the process. In most cases, we will need a VECTOR file. The best files to send us for this are .eps, .ai, or .cdr.

Our sign estimators work hand in hand with our designers to find options that will allow us to stay within your budget. This is one reason why it is so crucial to have an idea of budgetary numbers before we begin.

If we are significantly OVER your budget, we will need to send your project back to the graphics department for changes. If we are significantly UNDER your budget, you may have missed out on either a larger sign or one with more custom wow factors that would better gain your customers’ attention. The more information you can give us up front will save time and make the process much smoother.

Once you have reviewed and accept our proposal and drawings, we are ready to move your order along! At this point in the process, we will assign a project manager to your order that will work with our sales staff to make sure your project goes smoothly. As part of the process, we will need you to provide us with signed drawings, a signed proposal and a 50% deposit on your project.

Not all signs will require a permit, but most exterior signs do. Our team will let you know which signs will need to be permitted by your municipality. In order to submit to the city we will need:

  1. Scaled drawings of your signage (provided by ISF Signs)
  2. A letter of authorization which will be provided by your landlord/building owner
  3. The legal description of your property

For more information on permits, please check out our sign permit procurement page.

At this point, we have your sign permits in-hand and everything has been approved! We now will send your files to our production floor and will discuss your project during our daily production meetings. Fabrication time varies for each project, so contact your project manager for more details on scheduling.

Your sign is built and ready to be installed! Our highly trained install crew will be headed to your location with your brand new signage. It is not always necessary for you to be on site during the installation, but our project managers will let you know if your presence is needed.

It is always great to get a glowing review, but we also want to know if there are any areas where we could improve. We are always looking to get better at what we do and to become stronger as a team, and any feedback you can provide us with helps us in that journey. Please write us a review on Google or Facebook!